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The Ghetto of Concretism

"In a recent blog entry, Ron Silliman mentioned "the ghetto of concretism" while speaking on the evolution of visual poetry over the past half-century. Primeau reacted to this idea by spending a few days examining mid-century concrete poetry, which led him to conceive the idea for a small anthology of retro concrete poetry. Geof Huth agreed to co-edit the book, and today we are excited to announce the first call for submissions for The Ghetto of Concretism.

For the purposes of this anthology, we are working with two working definitions of "concrete poetry":

Concrete poetry is a form of vispo typified by the manipulation of words and letters/numerals as they lie on the page, concrete poems rely on unconventional typographical presentations to convey their meanings. Concrete poets design their pieces using only letters, numerals, punctuation marks, and a fine eye for space.

In general, concrete poetry is a visually simple form of visual poetry in which the letter is the unit of composition. Words may (and usually do) exist, but it is the interplay of letters through those words & their shapes and reverberations that make these pieces work.

Send submissions to We prefer unpublished work; submitting more than a single piece at a time is fine. If your work is not digital and you don't have a scanner, contact either of us for our snail mail addresses. Feel free to spread the word on your blogs, listservs, &c.

prPrimeau & Geof Huth"

Please copy and distribute as desired.


Lara, a chapbook by Jesse and myself, has been released and is now available to order. Contact tefflox AT gmail DOT com to request a copy. For more information, go to Differentia.

You find her like this,
your last flowers thrown
to lame dogs and root witches, thorn
fever touching her petal hips damp.
To remember how you were
and see yourself now
and here, an obdurate lace
wreathes her neck as she cools
on the shale.

(from Lara)


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Starfish #2

Starfish #2 is just around the corner. Submissions are still more than welcome. Send contributions to

Dirt #1

Dirt #1 is printed and in the mail. To request a copy or for questions/comments, send an e-mail to dirt_zine AT yahoo DOT com.