The Immaculate War Release

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Out from PERSISTENCIA, 23 pages of surreal poetry in The Immaculate War. Staple bound, B&W cover art on heavy stock paper. Copies available, write to persistencia_press AT yahoo DOT com for requests and questions.

Two selections:

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eratio, fall 2005

"the noise of them that sing i do hear."
eratio postmodern poetry issue six, fall 2005

Milk Bowl Moon Over St. Louis Release

Milk Bowl Moon Over St. Louis by David E. Patton is now out from PERSISTENCIA*PRESS.

From the inside cover:

Part Langston Hughes bebop, part Beat freestyle, part Midwestern folk banter, the work of David E. Patton spans generations & weaves together a wealth of styles to create a unique & deeply personal vein of Americana. A gay, largely self-educated black man who came of age during the turbulence of the Sixties and Seventies, his voice reverberates with a humble confidence & lonesome strength which at once saddens & transfixes. Largely uninfluenced by recent movements, Patton’s material remains simple, insightful, & ultimately some of the most genuine to exist in modern poetry.

Three poems from Milk Bowl Moon...:

Johnny’s vision of being romantic
is staring into my eyes,
room lit by candlelight while Zappa
and the Mothers’ Flower Punk plays in the background.
Or sitting out in the garden after taking mushrooms,
acting out the instruction of Ominous Spinach
playing from speakers in the doorway.

This gift of God is sweet but dated.

Several times committed to
Ft. Logan Mental Institution in Denver.
In Boulder, Johnny collects the morning papers from
front yards and deliver them on the other side of town.

This man of God stands out in Boulder during winter.

In summer this gift fits in with transients.
He is saying to strangers on the Boulder Mall,
I am Gabriel come back from the dead!
Gabriel knows that the first of the year is 1966.
Johnny is neat but sedated,
chain smoking and throwing curses.
Strapped in his bed Johnny is saying,
I am Gabriel come back from the dead!


To be content
to know just
what a sparrow knows,
you must be
sparrow in your bones.


Old Mrs. Reagan told us to just say no
to the snow white girl,
the rock candy cloud,
the smack boy horsing Mary Jane in the love boat.
But white powder is so sweet to kids
who get the green back bucks from the streets.
15 year old can make more money than her Dad,
Dad out there guarding the homes of rich folks,
more than Mama who has given over her soul
to an absentee landlord,
more than sister-woman pushing
chemical infested burgers at the Mc,
more than brother-man whose poor black ass
is teaching capital addiction.

The disinherit see every day of their lives
the snow queen riches smiling down from billboards
and hear on the TV screams: buy me, buy me, buy me!

We ain’t shit without hair care,
without car style,
without bony thin looks in size six.

We ain’t clean without Tide freshness,
without sunlight in a bottle,
without lemon cleaning formula,
without cloud soft toiler paper for your ass.

We ain’t healthy without low calories,
without low salt,
without low fat.
We ain’t men without Brut Super Dry Extra Strength,
(buy 2, get 1 free and every woman’ll be at your feet!).
We ain’t popular without the brand of beer,
without breath smellin of Scope Original Mint .

Well, scope this—
capitalism thrives on addiction
and addiction thrives in capitalism.

22 pages of poetry, white heavy stock cover. To order a copy, send an e-mail to persistencia_press AT yahoo DOT com.

This chap concludes PERSISTENCIA's summer series. Look for work by Kirby Olson, Jeff Harrison, & others later this autumn.

Colored Glass Release

Colored Glass by Billy Pendulum is now available from PERSISTENCIA*PRESS. A work fitting the poet's name, Pendulum's tight verses swing here and there without warning. Ranging from the humorous to the macabre, they are in his own words, "rhymes from the end of the world." The staple bound chapbook contains 13 pages of poetry and is printed in three versions, each with a different color cover. Copies are free, contact persistencia_press AT yahoo DOT com to order.

Three selections from Colored Glass.


days once spent in your room
now you walk all around,
while i wait
like old body on the wall
ready to come down.

my little colored glass,
my little colored glass.


oh you, you’re worth a title (or two)


diner bum

ham on rye
ham on rye
(i don’t ask why)
ham on rye.

Call for Work

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PERSISTENCIA*PRESS is seeking erotic poetry for Lipstick!, its upcoming mail micro-series. Lipstick! will appear irregularly and run indefinitely, with each “issue” being dedicated to a single poet’s work.

Submit no more than one page’s worth of work; whether you send five poems or fifty poems, your submissions must fit, conventionally or otherwise, onto a standard sheet of computer paper. Run of the mill, sub-porno “erotica” is not desired. We are interested in innovative writing styles and fresh, bold takes on the subject. Romantic or violent, dark or fantastic, deviant or vanilla…anything goes so long as it fits that bill. Further details will be provided upon acceptance.

All subs to persistencia_press AT yahoo DOT com.

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Starfish #2 Released

Starfish #2 (Summer '05)


Curtis Bonney
Ray Craig
Toph Church
Jeff Harrison
AnnMarie Eldon
Diana Magallon
Sheila Murphy
Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino
Mark Young
Renee Wagemans
Halvard Johnson
Crag Hill
Kirby Olson

Dirt #2 Micro Prompts

Unlike the premier issue, Dirt #2 will feature a section on minimalist poetics. In keeping with the spirit of the ’zine, it will be composed of a series of micro-essays in response to micro-prompts. The prompts themselves are minimal to the point of excess – as you can see below, they have been pruned down to bare snippets of phrase.

Those interested should submit their responses to dirt_zine AT yahoo DOT com. You are welcome to answer as many as you’d like. Further prompts may be provided if more substance is needed.

There are no right answers, no correct “takes”, &c. &c.. Essay lengths may range from a single word to a couple of sentences long. Don’t feel rushed, either, #2 isn’t due out for some time.


1) between minimalism and politics? What are its applications in
2) is more important: minimal length or minimal substance?
3) minimalism in the real world. Cite specific examples or
4) the animal kingdom, what would it
5) in the year 2100.
6) say about our culture? Is the form reactionary or progressive; is it
7) subversive?

Be creative and get wrtng.