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Dirt #2

REVIEWS +John M. Bennett's Mud Lamp +Dan Waber's Minimalist Concrete Poetry +Ampersand Squared: an/thology of pwoermds (ed. Geof Huth)

ESSAYS +Billy Pendulum (micro) +Sheila Murphy (micro) +John M. Bennett (micro) +Dawn Prendergast (micro) +Grace Vajda (micro) +Geof Huth, The Art of Pwoermds

POETRY +Kirby Olson +Mark Young +J. Michael Mollohan +Jean Hartig +Jeff Harrison +Grace Vajda +Nico Vassilakis +John M. Bennett +Andrew Topel +Diana Magallon +K.S. Ernst +Jon Leon +Martha L. Deed +Geof Huth +David-Baptiste Chirot +Mairead Byrne +Sheila Murphy +Reed Altemus +Steve Dalachinsky +Irving Weiss +fiftyseven +Hugh Steinberg +Bruce Covey +Bob Marcacci

INTERVIEW +Andrew "endwar" Russ

& A CONCLUSION by Nick Piombino

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David E. Patton's Milk Bowl Moon Over St. Louis (PERSISTENCIA, 2005) reviewed at How Ya Doon.

"St. Louis poet David E. Patton's poetry, bursts like a newly seasoned soup served up at a mission kitchen amidst a gaggle of strangers. Pushing fifty and largely self-educated Patton is a gay black man and his territory is Americana. However Patton`s use of vernacular is a blend of Walt Whitman and a young rap poet..."

"Wish we were really human," I said.

"Yes," everyone agreed, and we waited by the fence
for another five hundred thousand years.

(Gary Barwin)


she shines my coat
of many feathers
with zero
in a display
of curtains
shaved off
the long lines
of putty
by dogs
and cats
for all eternity
in a fish's
blade of wet skin

(Greg Evason)

fhole #6

Warwick Poets' Cafe

for RI/Mass. area

Mairead Byrne and Joanna Nealon read at Warwick MoA, Saturday October 22. Open mic at 7:00, followed by four fifteen minute sets from the featured poets. $5 admission.

(via e-mail)

Sept. 25
to Editor
from Ron Silliman

What is this this agist crap? At least I know surrealism was a movement of the 1920s -- that makes you what? 100?

Starfish, now officially on Ron Silliman's snub list.

Upcoming from PERSISTENCIA this autumn...


Dirt #2

Lipstick ("erotic/mnml" by FRANK NORTH)

Motion Sickness (PII)

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