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New from PERSISTENCIA*PRESS, QUEEN of HEARTS by Jeff Harrison.

"With forlorn minimalism, Harrison weaves a delicate and elusive love poem -- or something like one. 23 pages, staple bound, color cover art."

Copies are free of charge. E-mail persistenica_press AT yahoo DOT com to order.

No Wave: 'zine is a 4-letter word!

A slim & shoddy publication meant to showcase street, punk, outsider, "deviant", lo-fi, minimalist, bizarre, and assorted "no wave" art, poetry, prose, and critical theory. Each issue will feature no more than eight contributors (usually fewer). It is to be largely cut & paste or handwritten, with marginal white space, corner stapled. Distributed for free thru PERSISTENCIA's mailing list, it will also be handed out at random on the streets and in the mailboxes of poor unsuspecting bastards.

Bueno. Er. So...
New Jersey.
Ehm. Hrm.
Friday. i'm in the car,
Selling bibles to my parents
And they are, like, not buying.
Uh, the satanic philos, i mean.
Hardly, it was a joke-- i mean
Like, comic nihilism, really.
So, I'm, er, doing what i always
Do-- which is planning for the
Future or just getting down to
The end. i don't recommend this,
It's horrendous-- i'm spewing
BS everywhur. in my head,
Planning, like i Said, which
Is more... like, daydreaming.
Fugging muppets are on,
But, mostly there's silence. we're
Going down m.str eg &; in nj meeting
Some kid i remember from pictures
But i'm looking trashy, going into
Rest stations and feeling durty...
Honestly-- i'm looking for something
To fumar-- which is retarded. No
Sketchies around. Just me. so i'm
Bored then i get a call and it's like
"soanywayihookedupwith=-o" and i'm,
Like, not caring, but feeling bad
Because What can i say in this car,
Really, i mean-- it's completely silent
Except for me doing a halfazzed job of
Comforting someone who's doing a halfazzed
Job of apologizing for something
That i'm sure we both don't really care
About but something i'm kind of laughing
About because i've heard the night before
That the he in this silly thing is like
"i'm confused" to some, uh, character
Who is, like, not involved. so, i'm
Thinking during the thing-- and i'm saying
Things that are vague like "oh, no problem,"
"it was nothing," "no, dude, it hardly..."
And just trailing off... so, i'm thinking
Is it worth it to call this kid ... or am
i so pushed out of all this stuff-- so tired,
Really, that he's the only ass that i can land--
i mean, that's sad. so maybe i'll play
An ambiguous response till i have the for sure
On some other end. then, i'm kind of disgusted
Because after all this time, i'm not sure
If i feel anything about this, then,
i just don't care, again, and we go to mcdonald's,
Again, to go to the bathroom and i'm looking
For sketchies, again. i don't find any.
I get another call. ambiguous again.

Jill-- i tell her i'm dead for a few.
We're in ny or nj, & i meet a kid and i'm chill
And tired and scrubby, he goes to an all
Guy's school but he's cool and clean and chill
And tall. he tells me things and i tell him
Things. Our parents talk about college upstairs
Before his friends bring over bad alcohol
& he's not misogynistic-- just reasonable,
Maybe he's racist, or maybe just reasonable.
Mildly retarded girls come over, & overly
Metrosexual bois. He remains friendly
& i don't want to be drunk in the car
With my family, so i leave without saying
Good-bye to the friends. i see him upstairs
And i'm spacing out so it's an awkward good-
Bye to him, and i walk out of the front
Door that is wide open with the AC going.
My family leaves, and that's it.
i die somewhere along the road and wake up
The next day at a family reunion and my
Cousin is hella boring. she chats with adults
About the stupidity of the drinking age(
She drinks, like, once everyother week,
Since when? Last week?) she refuses glow in the
Dark things, and everything, choosing Adult,
Instead. not enough champagne in this world
See uncle stubby, his new baby,
He's traveling without his young wife,
She's being good now, sin cigarettes,
Eating better, drinking less? but at a
Bachelorrette party but he's cherubic
& trusting & it makes me feel better
About being private or less obnoxious
About being kind or old.
A few people are uptight, all are nice,
i walk in on my cousin, beaming, attached to her
Mother, while Aunt Kath goes '& Jess doesn't care much
About what other people think' and i'm not even
Annoyed. just hunched in a seat, with sunglasses
On, walk away from Aunts & Jess.
The night ends well, the hotel bed is great
i dream and think maybe i'm saying 'c'est bon'
Outloud. i wake up
it's sunday
Going on monday.

(Kim E, No Wave 1n/05.)

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