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Martin Marriott is now editor and manager of Starfish, a quarterly journal of surrealist art and literature. He is an active member of the Seattle Surrealist collective. Best of luck to him. Subs should still be sent to


Casual Things

the plane floats by
one hundred
maybe one thousand

who knows?

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(passing the word along)

The response to my earlier email was fast, furious & overwhelmingly positive & supportive, so I'm going ahead with the ezine. (For those of you who I've included here for the first time, the earlier email was calling for expressions of interest.)

It'll be called Otoliths. Why? Because I like the word. & its definition. An otolith is one of the small bones or particles of calcareous or other hard substance in the internal ear of vertebrates, and in the auditory organs of many invertebrates; an ear stone. Collectively, the otoliths are called ear sand and otoconite.

I'll consider text & vispo, prose of any description (with a limit of 5000 words & I'm not too sure about genre fiction), photography, paintings, drawings, collages. Any combination of the above. I'll consider kinetic or moving works.

It should be previously unpublished work though I'll make an exception for exceptional blog postings, & anything visual can have been exhibited. There'll be no payment, though my intention is to also bring each issue out in a print on demand form, & each contributor will receive a complimentary copy.

I'll be using the Blogger platform, & most of you are familiar with its foibles. It'll be single-paged, not continuous, will have a separate cover for each issue, & a table of contents that will have the links to the individual pages. There'll be no sidebar. Each issue will be archived. The ability to have comments on the page/post will be at the discretion of the contributor. I've put a rough mock-up of a few pages at

Submissions can be as attachments or in the body of the email. The address for submissions is Please include a brief bionote, & a photo if you like, with the submission. Closing date for submissions for the first issue will be April 30.

I look forward to working with you.

Mark Young

Moria (fall 2005/winter 2006)

by Karyna McGlynn

With your dick between my legs,

you ask: what up?

you ask me a pointed question

but it's too hard to answer.

you don't breathe.

You're like this stiff I saw at a funeral once

(he had on orange eye shadow and I went,

like, totally necro for about three seconds).

you feel lucky, but, no; it's more than that.

You are a commuter with the right of way;

your finger flicks through morning radio

as you suck the whip off a giant mocha.

you've got a big head.

You flare your nostrils and smile fatly.

you secretly hum the theme from Shaft.

a vein in your forehead pops and the whole room

smells like canaries as the aneurism comes

all over your face.

Simon DeDeo reviews Waiting for the Rapture in his online publication Rhubarb is Susan.

Been a (busy) while. Some updates:

Kirby Olson's WAITING FOR THE RAPTURE will be out in about two weeks.

The Dirt #3 deadline is fast approaching. Send poetry, vispo, essays, short fiction, review materials, and mnmlst miscellanea to

David E. Patton's MILK BOWL MOON OVER ST. LOUIS is now available from PERSISTENCIA online for download in .pdf format. Access it for free here.


New stuff @ Dan Waber's Minimalist Concrete Poetry.

Mark Young's e-chap Betabet.