Another batch of Waiting for the Rapture chaps have been printed and signed by the poet himself. If you're interested in this small, limited edition, send an e-mail to



Section IX from No. by Kenneth Goldsmith by Jack Raoul

In this exciting new publication, Jack Raoul reproduces the work of avant-garde uncreative poster boy Kenneth Goldsmith. Painstakingly copying Section IX of Goldsmith’s No., Raoul remains loyal to the parent text down to the letter. Half prank, half tribute, half treatise, this chapbook is now available online from PERSISTENCIA. Download and read for free here.* But wait, there's more! Raoul promises more boldly unrevised sections in the near future! Keep an eye out.



PERSISTENCIA is proud to announce the release of every, beyond't nothing by harry k. stammer.

From the editor's note:

[Stammer's] poetry is never still. It is always restless, always branching out and growing back in on itself. It is special. Perhaps, even, it is one of a kind. Harry’s textual potions are post-Language excursions which test the firmament of syntax. Just as his (equally ambitious) vispo experiments prod – and sometimes outright mock – the link between word and image, so his poetry defies the relationship between language and thought. Stammer’s unusual mind-to-page transcriptions attempt to redefine writing as a more free and organic process.

From the chapbook:

two toes two weeks one toe three fingers

forced coat pocket cup shaking bush search back
stretched shoes toes up (8am by) arms
wrapped [out at evening in by]

knee boots black to red jacket drawn around
"¿cambio, es?" 'tending parking sitting bars lot twist'd
two toe left side shoe off reflecting
glass backed (in) car it car

"it's nothing, now, not me, no" walk
cross set end street where't: back shortly tv screen
opens "weight like" arrive implied "open'd clouds
over" //dropped popsicle sitting back bars

shoe off left knee right knee over it's such
foot on foot on calf "common reasons why people"

failed (get up) no! shoes stretching up
toes fingered can't modern walkway sleeping in't


"out by heat" overhang served in
hostile (remote) where two blocks away meet

mistake shaped limited by indistinct
sight agreeing sinking (just kneeling) shadow canopy

end fingertips scratching agree decided
yard lines "meter?" identify individual disused

"it's only an impression," away distant (way)
slab'd gray to grayer angle

to bus pole "the news stands'n the
way" redraw the line point

threadlike quiescent "just because you, that
hair" nails over bricks slowly (just lines)

colored gray less white against

red ordered have'd bright winging "just because
you, short pants" held there

This publication is an electronic chapbook. It can be found here.